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Learn & teach anywhere, anytime

What can be more magical than for students to enter the classroom by simply reaching into their pockets, going online from their smart devices, opening eClasses and signing in? Online education has succeeded in eliminating barriers and borders, giving everyone the...

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Why is home schooling more popular than ever?

A sudden increased awareness of homeschooling during the covid-19 crisis, had the result of many parents considering the permanent route of teaching their children from home and becoming their primary educators. This is due to the current pandemic yes, and also the...

south african homeschooling

Can Online Learning work in South African Schools?

Can Online Learning really work for Schools in South Africa? Online learning or e-learning can sound daunting and all the technical terms can seem overwhelming at first glance. But so was technical terms like World Wide Web, Facebook, WhatsApp in the beginning and...

Online Learning System South Africa

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