1 – What is eClasses LMS Platform | Quick Marketing Introduction to eClasses (2 minutes)

2 – eClasses Student Dashboard and Course View | See eClasses in real time action (19 minutes)

3 – eClasses Desktop App Preview | See how eClasses looks and performs on the Desktop App (4 minutes)

4 – eClasses Mobile App Showcase | See how eClasses looks and performs on the Mobile App (5 minutes)

5 – eClasses Sponsorship Capabilities | Find out how eClasses can be branded or customized with sponsors information (2 minutes)

6 – Uploading and Using Video Types | See how Pre-recorded- and In-App-Recorded Video Media can enhance the eClasses experience (14 minutes)

7 – LMS for Schools More Features Showcase | View added teaching and learning features within eClasses system (13 minutes)

8 – More Interactive Lesson Features in eClasses | See how the interactive add-on enhances eClasses to a next online learning experience (16 minutes)

9 – Extended Math & Chemistry Editor| Math Type & Chemistry Type Content got much easier and advance with our touch pad recognition software (15 minutes)

10 – eClasses and LMS Technical Introduction & Jargon | We explain some important technical information you need to know about eClasses, Online Learning Systems  in South Africa (9 minutes)

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